Hansack is a rascal.

Mariano Rivera was warming up in the Fenway bullpen one day this past September when he was hit in the elbow by a ball coming from the home bullpen. And his arm got all numb because the ball was thrown hard by someone warming up.

"It came in hot," Yankees reliever Ron Villone said. "He couldn't feel his arm; it was numb. We were in the bullpen saying, 'Oh no.' "

Yeah, I'll bet that's what they said. Anyway, there were many different stories about what happened: at first, Rivera was hit on the elbow by Eric Gagne. Then Rivera told reporters that the ball hit his hand and bruised his pinky.

Eric Gagne says that Devern Hansack was the one who threw the ball.

Devern Hansack's middle name is 'Brandon'. I would imagine he is back home now in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua. There are four baseball teams in the area and they are called Sweet Pearly, First Stop, the Young Brave, and the Haulover Tigers. Nicaragua is apparantly rather happening lately, with tourism on the rise.

Check out this great story on my friend Hansack.

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