Jed Lowrie

Jed Lowrie was one of the most improved minor league hitters in 2007. Let's take a look!

Look at that increase in IHOP!

I know PA=plate appearances, SO and BB are obvious. It looks like Lowrie struck out more and walked a hell of a lot less. I don't know. I don't like to involve too many statistics in my baseball experiences.

Have you ever been to a game, and some guy on the visiting team just annihilates your team? Like gets on base 3 times, or hits a crucial home run off your reliever, whatever. And you think, wow, that guy's awesome!

Then like a few months later you meet someone who's a fan of that visiting team and you're like, hey, what about what's-his-name? He's a killer!

And the fan is all, what are you talking about? That guy sucks! And sure enough, you look it up and the player is terrible. It just so happened that he had a good night v. your team.

As you can see, I am more of a baseball impressionist. No need to bring algebra into it! And Jed Lowrie was great in Pawtucket. Let's revive the talk!

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