I still hate Tom Caron.

Please, can we 86 Tom Caron? Year after year I have to endure this loser on NESN.

But this is really more about Craig Hansen, who I hate more than I hate Tom Caron. Craig Hansen was sent home from the Arizona Fall League. What kind of complete fuck-up do you have to be to be sent home from INSTRUCTIONAL BASEBALL?! And, please, surgery for sleep apnea?

Okay, I do believe the surgery thing. But I have read too much baloney about how Hansen is making strides, improving, is a great pitcher, blah blah. Hello, I have eyes. And I have documented his many failures here.

To quote P. Swope... "Get rid of him."

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Anonymous said...

Does Tom Caron EVER shut up? He is a useless motor mouth spouting every stat the producers and the team tip sheet throws at him. And he thinks this is radio, constantly telling us what we just saw. Gawdawful.