I still hate Tom Caron.

Please, can we 86 Tom Caron? Year after year I have to endure this loser on NESN.

But this is really more about Craig Hansen, who I hate more than I hate Tom Caron. Craig Hansen was sent home from the Arizona Fall League. What kind of complete fuck-up do you have to be to be sent home from INSTRUCTIONAL BASEBALL?! And, please, surgery for sleep apnea?

Okay, I do believe the surgery thing. But I have read too much baloney about how Hansen is making strides, improving, is a great pitcher, blah blah. Hello, I have eyes. And I have documented his many failures here.

To quote P. Swope... "Get rid of him."


Anonymous said...

Does Tom Caron EVER shut up? He is a useless motor mouth spouting every stat the producers and the team tip sheet throws at him. And he thinks this is radio, constantly telling us what we just saw. Gawdawful.

Unknown said...

I agree