Former Pawtucket pitching coach Mike Griffin is now the Lancaster JetHawks pitching coach. Congratu... lations? What's a JetHawk? Is that a real thing?

Lancaster appears to be north of LA. It is the ninth largest growing city in the US. That means mini-malls and superstores and fast food places are popping up everywhere. They're chopping trees down RIGHT NOW! Have fun, Griff.

Former PawSox great Carlos Febles will also be in Lancaster as a full-time coach. He was in Lowell last year, which is news to me. I always thought of him as a benchy, utility schmo. I did not know he had coaching in him. I'm excited for him.

The Red Sox have purchased the contract of giant PawSox first baseman Chris Carter. He must have had a nice fall.

Probably appearing in Pawtucket in 2008: RHP Lee Gronkiewicz. Probably appearing in this blog as 'Gronk': RHP Lee Gronkiewicz.

Thanksgiving's past, and as Bob OCD might say, "One holiday closer to baseball."

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