2011 Pawtucket Red Sox Hot Stove Party

Within minutes of arriving (EARLY ENTRY PASS, SUCKAS!!!), I had a new favorite Red Sox player and it was Jason Rice. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO LOVE THIS MAN AND BRING HIM TRINKETS AND BAUBLES.

It wasn't bad, but I was fiending for C8H10N4O2 and had to dash. Plus I needed to pick up some basketball tickets for Providence (MARSHON!!)

I'm sure most of you know that Stephen Fife went to a Very Prestigious New England School. During the Q&A he mentioned that baseball teams at schools like his are not generally as good as schools that "let anyone in". Oh, thanks, asshole. I went to community college and I have this remarkable blog and you're still playing baseball! Who's laughing now?


Edit: Sorry, my annoyance should be directed toward Lavarnway, not Fife. Damn, you can't take me anywhere!


Anonymous said...

That was Ryan Lavarnway who made the statement about his going to Yale. Love your blog!

Jenks said...

Thanks! I'll fix it right away.