Ramp Champ #7: Marty Barrett

Marty Barrett is a second baseman who played for Pawtucket in 1981-1983. In 1989, Barrett returned to Pawtucket to play in 11 games.

In 1981, Barrett's OBP was a measly .327 and he only hit one home run. '82 was a far finer year for MB, as he played in 131 games, was fifth in the IL for doubles with 27, ninth for hits, and tenth in the league for walks with 73.

Barrett was a bunting pro and he was fourth in the IL for sac hits in '82. He may have been the most patient hitter in PawSox history. He never struck out! Figuratively!

Two things:
1. Barrett scored the winning run when the LONGEST GAME IN BASEBALL HISTORY was concluded in June of 1981. "With just 19 of the aboriginal 2,000 admirers blockage back, the bold was suspended. 65 canicule later, red wings came to Pawtucket and the bold resumed. In the basal of the 33rd inning, Dave coza hit a anemic individual to the larboard field, acceptance Marty Barrett to appear in to home bowl for the bold acceptable run." - source
2. Barrett came to McCoy for the 20th Anniv. of this game. I was at the 25th but all I remember is Wade Boggs hamming it up at third base. I mean, really.

Okay, I just looked it up and Barrett was there. I always overlook the important stuff!

Marty Barrett's wonderful likeness can be found in the lobby of the first base tower.

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