Ramp Champ #6: It's all over, Cory Bailey.

Philip Cory Bailey is a sexy bitch and a righty reliever who pitched for Pawtucket in 93-94. I don't want to talk about his WHIP. If you care so much, then go look it up. And, hey, it was his birthday yesterday!

In 1993, Bailey pitched in 52 games, putting him in 8th place in the IL. He appeared in one extra game in '94, putting him in tenth place in the IL.

Team-wise, only DON FLORENCE pitched in more PawSox games than Bailey during his two-season tenure. Oh, that crazy DON FLORENCE!

Two things:
1. Spring training, 1993. Cory Bailey and Frank Viola combined to pitch a no-hitter v the Phillies. No link, just trust me.
2. They named a goddamned street after Cory Bailey in his hometown of Marion, IL.

Oooooh! This isn't Pawtucket related, but it is interesting. In 2008, Cory Bailey was playing baseball in Taiwan but got suspended for match fixing! Other players, bookies, a manager and coach were involved. SCANDALOUS! And yet, his mural which is located in the middle portion of the home plate tower still stands.

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