Brian MacPherson makes my life this foolish game.

I have no idea what happened, but recently I started to read a Mark Patinkin "article" in the Providence paper. God, what was I thinking?For those of you not familiar with the guy, I'll do a typical piece:

"Women take forever to get ready! People in Rhode Island drink coffee milk! My kids think I'm square! QUAHOGS!"

Don't ever read those.

I can say it here, out loud, because this is a pretty private place. BRIAN MACPHERSON IS KILLING IT. He's way better than the Boston newspaper kidz and I mean it. You can just tell he works hard and still probably enjoys his job. A little. And he's just as likely to write about the Tug Huletts of the world as he is about the mainstream corporate conformist prospects. He's hot cause he's fly, is what I'm trying to say.

In a very tangentially related story, Steve Hyder did a "Where are they now?" type blog post about the guys on the 2004 IL All-Star team. The game was played at McCoy Stadium and I can't believe I didn't go. Hyder did this a while back and I kept meaning to mention it because I thought it was great, but like the title says... Time Flies.

My point is this: Can someone at least tell me that Zach Daeges is still alive?

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