Ramp Champ #2: Luis Aguayo

Luis Aguayo is an infielder who played in Pawtucket in 1991 and 1992. He was 32-33.

In 1991, Aguayo played mostly second and short. He played in 65 games, batting .284 with 37 RBI. Aguayo hit 9 home runs that year.

Aguayo's only position in Pawtucket in '92 was third base. He batted .255 in 80 games.

Two things:
1. From 93-95, Aguayo was a hitting coach in Pawtucket.
2. In 1992, Aguayo led the Pawtucket Red Sox in HBP. He was pegged 7 times.

Luis Aguayo's mural can be found in the upper portion of the home plate tower. It exudes musk and adequacy.

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Anonymous said...

i love the topps wood border. stay classy late 80's