Ramp Champ #5: Luis Aponte

Luis Aponte is a righty reliever who pitched for Pawtucket in 1980-81. He was 27-28 at the time. Ish.

In 1980, Aponte appeared in 31 games and put up a 2.20 ERA. His WHIP was 0.980. In 1981, Aponte pitched in 51 games, INCLUDING THE LONGEST BASEBALL GAME IN THE GALAXY!!!!!!!!!!!

In the aforementioned match, Aponte pitched the seventh through the tenth innings. He finished '81 with a 1.94 ERA (placing him seventh in the IL)and a 1.127 WHIP.

Luis Aponte is also the guy whose wife would not let him in the house after the Longest Game because she did not believe he was at the ballpark. He had to sleep in the clubhouse.

Two things:
1. 2010 PawSox great Niuman Romero was signed to his first pro contract in 2002 by fellow Venezuelan Luis Aponte!
2. Last year, Aponte was inducted into the Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame. Geez, what took them so long?

Luis Aponte's likeness can be found in the middle portion of the first base tower. Do not look directly at it.

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