ends and odds

Mercy! It's certainly a challenge writing about these Pawtucket stars and focusing only on their time in the minors. What about the highs, lows, 'roids and Mets?

At any rate, my Hot Stove Party post was kind of breezy. Here we have for you some other stuff on a Turkish crouton with hearts of palm:

1. Robert Coello believes the PawSox will definitely improve.
2. Jason Rice feels that Arnie Beyeler will put the best lineup out there to try and win a ballgame.
3. Stephen Fife believes that Beyeler does a 'world famous job' at third base. I'm assuming it's an in-joke and Arnie waves 'em in a little too frequently.
4. When asked which player they would like to strike out the most, the pitchers responded thusly: Rice - A-Rod. Fife - Mark Texiera. And Coello - Also Rodriguez. HA!
5. More on Rice: He says if he were ever called into the office for a promotion, he might faint. And in further proof that I am older than dogshit, his favorite player growing up was Frankie Rodriguez. I mean, come on. You're gonna give an old lady a heart attack.

One more thing: Some lady asked whatever happened to 'Brad' Anderson. At first I thought she meant 'Brian', and I was like... What? Who cares?

But she meant Lars. Yeah, whatever happened to that guy? Oh, he's backpacking in Puerto Rico with Brian Barton or something. I thought it was funny, like the guys on the team cease to exist once the season's over. I mean, it's like seeing your math teacher at the supermarket. NO ONE SHOULD EXIST OUTSIDE THEIR WORKPLACE.

I try to imagine a baseball player in, say, December, and all I can picture is them working out or playing video games. You cannot convince me of any off-season relevance.

After the Hot Stove party, I went to the Friars' basketball game. Got there wicked early because they were giving out Tuber Toys at the gate and I WANTED ONE SO FUCKING BAD. And guess what? Tamburro and Schwechheimer were there, too! Imagine!

That was a great game. Marshon Brooks lights up my off-season.

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