6.6.06: Pawtucket @ Indianapolis Indians - Every Single One of Us

Indianapolis WINS! 5-4

I've actually been to Indianapolis. I remember... train tracks and fields of goldenrod and Willie Nelson helping me put air in my tire. But enough about me.

Pawtucket was just cruising through this game, 4-0 until the seventh, when starter Abe Alvarez gave up three runs. So Barry Hertzler of 1205 Maplewood Dr, E Providence, RI comes in to get the final out and instead gives up the tying run. Love ya, Bare!

And because THEO AND BEN DON'T CARE, they left Barry H. in... and he coughed up the winning run in the 8th. Because of course Pawtucket is not going to score any runs in the top of the ninth.

Hee-Seop Choi homered in this game, not that it mattered. And I'm sure if any PawSox fans were in the stands, they were gouging their eyes out with toga pins by game's end... and then they probably capped the evening off by pouring sulfuric acid on their genitals when they saw the rundown of the Boston / NY game. I'm angry on David Pauley's behalf!

In a couple of days, everybody's going to be back in Pawtucket for the Richmond Braves series. And if one of your most horrifying nightmares is swarms of children with Louisville Sluggers in hand, stay away from the park Friday night.

PS Notice I didn't mention any Indians players? That's because I'm lazy!

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Phlip said...

Did Willie really help you air up your tires?!!! Freakin' sweet Lois.