imitation vinegar

Pawtucket played the Richmond Braves today and won in 17 (!) innings. I hope the fans stayed hydrated, else they probably looked like jerky by the final out. And 'member Richmond's Scott Thorman? I said he was big and burly and cute and could hit? He's playing his first MLB game today in Atlanta. He looks smokin'.

I'm going away for a few days. Please entertain yourself with the following:

Please provide the actual player name for the stupid nickname.
1. Sexy Space Alien
2. Man Sandwich
3. Mask
4. Pudgy Boy (hint: it's not Ivan Rodriguez)
5. Tonto
6. Douchebag
7. Pumpkinhead
8. Good For Nothing
9. Uncle Todd
10. Rootin' Tootin'

Bonus: What AL East player's curves are kickin'?


Anonymous said...

1. mariano riveria
2. stumped
3. jorge posada
4. trot nixon
5. johnny damon
6. derek jeter or arod
7. jason giambi
8. scott sauerbeck
9. todd walker
10. sean wootin
bonus: my man, aubrey huff
How did I do?

Jenks said...

You got a 60%... AND you got the bonus question right.

You missed 2, 3, 6, and 8.

Anonymous said...

1. Mariano Rivera
2. Manny and Millar
3. Jay Gibbons
4. Trot Nixon
5. Johnny Damon
6. A Rod
7. Ortiz
8. Lansing
9. Todd Walker
bonus: Aubrey Huff.. yeah Vee!

Jenks said...

Nice job, Lucky. However, "Douchebag" is Brian Daubach! (Thanks to the fan in Texas for that one)