6.7.06: PAW @ IND - Bailey's humdinger

Pawtucket WINS! 7-4

Marc Deschenes started this game. I don't get it. Sometimes he's a starter, sometimes a reliever. That's life when you play for those wacky PawSox! He did well, of course, pitching 5 scoreless innings and mesmerizing the opposition with his intense, ice-blue eyes.

Big Baush got the win in spite of giving up three runs. Cause guess why? (ans. later on...)

Jason Roach started for the Indians. He pitched seven innings and gave up three runs. Pawtucket pitchers almost never pitch more than six innings.

Jeff Bailey hit a grand slam at the top of the ninth whilst pinch hitting for Corky Miller. Bailey just keeps getting better and better looking. Sometimes when he's playing first base I try and imagine what he'd look like with no shirt on. And that's how Mr. Messyball got the win! Yay Tim Bausher and such.

"Ryan Schroyer" pitched an inning for Pawtucket. I need to look this guy up. I'll let you know. Also, the Indians have an infielder named Gookie Dawkins.

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