one last thing (long way down)

Okay. As you know, and as Force puts it, I have a "thing" for Mike Lowell. I do. I dug him on the Marlins and I love him in Boston. So I'll tell you this. I searched on line for a back issue of People En EspaƱol because Mike Lowell was named one of Los 50 Mas Bellos. I found one, ordered it... and it was the wrong year. Whoops, my bass!

I got the one from '06. So today I looked and found the one from '05. I can't wait to get it in the mail. You cannot tell ANYONE about this.

LOVE ML for hitting a double as a PH tonight in Atlanta while maintaining a casually handsome expression. But I feel SO bad for the Braves, a team I used to couldn't stand (ya). Awwww. I'm glad Edgar's doing better... I wanted so badly for him to do well in Boston.

My posts have been excessively slumber party lately. Coming soon: hard-hitting baseball journalism.

See you when I get back!

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