Pawtucket v. Columbus Clippers - Guh.

Columbus WINS! 8-2

I'm not happy with the way tonight turned out and I'm not talking about the losing the game part.

Marc Deschenes was sitting right next to me. And when I say "right next to me", what I mean is several sections away. At any rate, he was looking so fine that I could not stop gazing at him through my binoculars. Pauley was hucking balls all over the place and not getting any outs and I was just transfixed by Deschenes holding a radar gun while wearing an ugly shirt.

The whole evening quickly became pointless and I left early. I blame Deschenes for all this. Last year he was so uninteresting. This year.... damn it. I should be impervious.

It's so hard to be a lady sometimes.

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