6.9.06: Pawtucket v. Richmond Braves - Enrique makes a contribution!

Pawtucket WINS! 2-1 in ten

It turns out I was sitting right over the Pawtucket dugout. Which would have been swell, but it was Bat Night at McCoy and every kid in the park was right in front of me, dangling their bat over the side for an autograph. Bastard kids!

Wouldn't you know it, Jimmy Serrano started tonight. Every freaking time! But, oh! Seven shutout innings! 7 K's and one walk!
Barry "EP" Hertzler was The Lucky Reliever. Jermaine Van Buren threw the ball in the general direction of home plate, walked half the park, and gave up the tying run.

Kevin Barry started for the Braves. One run over 6 2/3 innings. Sometime major leaguer Wayne Franklin took over for a few outs, then tall cool woman Manny Acosta couldn't stop the rain in the tenth.

You know what the best part was? Enrique Wilson doubling in Jeff Bailey from second to score Pawtucket's first run. You should have seen the look of childish wonder as he stood on second base!

Trent "Thundah" Durrington singled in D-Murph in the tenth for the dub. I never knew he had it in him! I was kind of anticipating a strikeout!

1. 'member Cesar Crespo? He was fun in Pawtucket but wretched in Boston. He's quite the little fielder. And he wears glasses now. It's kind of cute.
2. You have to see this Richmond guy, Scott Thorman. He's big, strong, Canadian, and so, so hot. He looks like a complete a-hole, but damn.

3. The Braves have a pitcher named Will Startup. Are you kidding me? That HAS to be a fake name!
4. Michael Ryan's on the R-Braves, too. I like that guy. I'm a closet Twins fan.

See ya Monday?

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