Return of the Fly

I got to come home early, so here I am. I'm heading up to Lynn, MA for a North Shore Spirit game. Yes, I am gonna plow through mid-Boston I-93 traffic. WHAT?! I wanna go! I almost went to a Tornados game instead but I was disheartened by their ballpark dimensions. It's 375' to center and that's just so small... I mean, come on. I have been there before but I guess I didn't realize.

OH! Apparantly Peter Gammons reported that a former North Shore player described the park as being the worst in the US. He said they didn't have a clubhouse, just 3 or 4 trailers parked out back. Okay! Can't wait!

One more example of why McCoy Stadium is wonderful: I went there earlier to buy a ticket and when I was offered a choice of seating, I asked the ticketeer who was pitching. She actually made a quick phone call to find out for me so I could decide which section I wanted. I like the third base side usually, but if a lefty's pitching (like Alvarez), I sometimes like the first base side so I can get a better look. That kind of service is remarkable.

So Can-Am tonight and tomorrow Pauley. Then Friday's the big anniversary shindig. I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet you there.

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