Empanadas are better than crack whores.

A couple of days ago I noticed they'd put up a billboard at the Barton St / Dexter St intersection. The message: No Soliciting. Meaning "JOHNS GO HOME!". Now all you Blackstone Valley Girls know that there's a long-held tradition of hookering at the Central Falls / Pawtucket city line. The Barton Street Community wants you to know that they're fed up and the cops will bust your soliciting ass.

I love that they put up a billboard.

Also at that intersection (aside from a crummy, tacky little flea market) is Panal Chicken. There is nothing there that is not unhealthy and delicious. The empanadas are a dollar apiece and so so good. Deep-fried perfection. And when you order arroz con pollo, they totally mound it up in one of those styrofoam clamshells. Hot, greasy goodness.

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