I will be nicer and exercise more.

So I was flipping through the Red Sox 2010 program and I noticed an alphabetized list of all the Ramp Champ portraits, along with their coded locations. At first it looked like just filler (Imagine! A baseball program with filler!), but then an idea hit me: I WILL DO A SHORT PROFILE ON EVERY PLAYER ON THAT LIST.

It is a pointless exercise, but it's not like I've been setting my keyboard on fire with acute off-season insights and charts and graphs. And I've no one to play with today.

Oh yeah, see if you can guess how many player portraits line the walkways at McCoy. No, go ahead, put it in the comments.

There is going to be a serious meeting of the Blackstone Valley Media Club tonight. Every day, dozens of people ask how they can join the BVMC. I tell them all the same thing: You don't join. You are assimilated.



Anonymous said...


Jenks said...

Oooh, close!

Anonymous said...

who cares how many are up there it won't matter until. jeff bailey is there untill than who cares! is that the right answer? i played D&D so I'm in all media clubs.
I'm a great D.M.

Jere said...

91. But I'm influenced by the close remark.

Jenks said...

The answer is 88. Thanks to all the participants!