could i have this dance for the rest of my life?

I just got home and the only game on the baseball premium package was Rangers/Mariners. Not my first choice by a long shot, but I watch it because that's all there is.

And then! Richie Sexson! Sexson objects to a high, inside pitch by Kason Gabbard and charges the mound. The best part is he takes off his batting helmet and hucks it right at Gabbard! It bounces off him! Gabbard hunkers down and throws his shoulder into it! Huge, sweat, smelly pileup ensues...

Awesome brawl. I hope Sexson got in one, good punch!

Also, it needs to be noted that both Eddie Guardado and Milton Bradley are both alive and playing major league baseball.

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Anonymous said...

big sexy bring on the big hurt!
was that the first brawl of the year?