scrub in an elevator

The hotel I stayed at in Buffalo had us on the 15th floor. The top. I had to use a special card in the elevator to get up there. Not in a VIP way. More like a 'that's all we got' way.

At any rate, Saturday before the game I was headed down to the street level to get a paper and guess who gets on the elevator? George Kottaras (shown here using Mike Lowell's oxygen). Just me and him. Of all people!

I didn't necessarily need it to be Mike Lowell or anything, but if it had to be someone... why not someone cool like Joe Thurston or Abe Alvarez? I was really tempted to mutter, "You suck" or "Brownie's better" but I AM a lady.

So I said nothing. It was pretty funny. GK walked off to the park by himself. They don't make catchers like they used to.


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with GK? one of the leaders in homeruns and in RBI's. Hes a doing a damn good job for this team. Whats wrong with his catching? If your gonna throw someone under the bus Try giving reasons other than you just dont like him. Try watching the games once in a while. He is in the lineup every game. He is obviously doing something right. Dusty Brown sure as hell aint the man.....

Jenks said...

Everything you say is true, although Kottaras is in a (minor) slump right now.

However, I'm pretty unprofessional and clearly still bitter about his performance in 2007.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that but got to let it go. You cant just love him when hes hot. Serioulsy...Dusty Brown? What outstanding performance has he done? Unfortunately these guys are in the shadow of Varitek and thats hard to compete with. Got to support!