5.19.2011 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Columbus Clippers - The Dube

Red Sox WIN! 5-2. In Ohio, home of people! Places! Things! Akron!

Starting pitcher for Pawtucket was Brandon Duckworth, who played for the IronPigs last season. They probably liked him, I don't know, he was 5-4 with a 3.32 ERA at the time. The IronPigs have a terrific, enthusiastic fan base that intrigues me so much that I am considering a trip to Allentown, PA next year. As if my co-workers aren't baffled enough by my fabulous trips to Toledo and Norfolk, VA.

"WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO TO ORLANDO LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?" I went there already. Got it? Also, I'm too scared to.

Duckworth, who had a great first half but a lesser second, pitched a paltry three innings. Duckworth gave up two runs, which were both solo home runs by Jason Kipnis and Cord Phelps. You don't meet too many 'Cords' in Rhode Island. Not a lot of 'Wades' running around, either.

Mitch Talbot started for the Clippers. Talbot's been kicking around in the IL since 2007, so he is a person in my neighborhood. Talbot pitched four innings and gave up only one run. It was a solo blast by Josh Reddick. This should make me feel kind of bad, because I didn't have much nice to say about this kid. Instead I will only say that he had some pop. It must be noted, too, that all these solo home runs came in the first inning. Run along and look up the record for most solo home runs in the first inning.

In the top of the fifth inning, with the score at 2-1 Columbus, Jensen Lewis dashed out to the mound. Lewis got Exposito out, but gave up a triple to Matt Sheely. But then something weird happened: Jose Iglesias came in to pinch hit for Daniel Nava. Was Nava injured?

Okay, I looked it up and here is the skinny from soxprospects.com: "From the "Something You Don't See Everyday" department, the game's suspension and continuation combined with the organization's recent roster moves created some unorthodox lineup shuffling from PawSox manager Arnie Beyeler. Daniel Nava had started the game as the designated hitter, but because he was designated for assignment on Friday, needed to be replaced in the lineup. The player who took his place was Jose Iglesias, who was in Boston when the game began, but was optioned back to Pawtucket before it resumed." Those guys at Sox Prospects are so damn smart! And somewhat humorless, but baseball is a very serious sport and all discussions regarding its angles and outcomes should be sober and rational.

Jose Iglesias, who's on Twitter and absolutely, truly, personally composes his tweets (Hell, no, he doesn't) grounded to second, scoring Sheely. Tie game!

Clevelan Santeliz was pitching in the bottom of the fifth and did not allow a Clippers run. Jensen Lewis returned to pitch the top of the sixth. Anderson led off with a single and the wonderful Ronald Bermudez doubled him in. 3-2 Red Sox! Bermudez scored later in the inning when Luis Exposito singled to center. 4-2.

Wasn't the final score 5-2? Yeah. Nick Hagadone pitched the ninth and Dlugach and Exposito both singled. Dlugach scored on a groundout. Jason Rice closed out the game, getting everyone out and being cool.

Mita Shah crafts ice cream based on favorite recipes from India:
1. Cool story on Bermudez here, but it's in Spanish. His nickname is "El Vasallo" which I had to look up and I am still unclear.
2. Looks like Clevelan Santeliz is in Venezuela with Robert Coello.
3. Good job, Columbus Clippers, winning the Governor's Cup. I guess now the Indians are gong to start kicking ass!

TONIGHT! Hellickson v Colon! I have seen both at McCoy Stadium, which is weird. Colon had a posse waiting for him in the parking lot, sitting on a tricked-out whip and bumping bass lines. Never seen anything like it. Not even Keith Foulke's two girlfriends could top that.

YEAH BASEBALL POST-SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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