Sports, hooray!

Yesterday I went to New Hampshire for auto racing. It is a 6am to 9pm all-day thing.

It's really not much like baseball. I had a good time, though. Believe me when I tell you I do not go ironically, or to laugh at everyone and feel superior, or deride the fans. I am just as gross as anyone else there, and so are you, you smug asshole.

But, see, that's not 100 percent true. My friend made a "NASCAR bingo" which included squares like "slutty preggo" and "Confederate flag". But I think anyone could do the same at Fenway Park. Except the squares might be "clueless preppy asshole" and "SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND SHUT UP FOR FIVE FUCKING MINUTES".

Just like you I am always re-evaluating my place in the world. Except maybe you don't do it on a blog that is supposed to be all sports, all day.

I just have to try harder, is all.


Jere said...

Great moment in blogging history when you went from berating us for thinking we're better than you to admitting you had fun looking for slutty preggos. Flipped the switch!

Jenks said...

Aw, it was not my intention to be a jerk... My overall point is that at times I still have those 'What did we learn today?' moments.

My friend made the bingo, not me, but maybe I should have told her to cram it because it wasn't very nice.

Now I feel bad.

Jere said...

"I thought the shit was funny." --Eddie Murphy on some album, the one where he says "29 CENTS!"