By all means, play the David Bowie song. No, not 'Quicksand'.

Did you know that Matt Sheely was released several days ago? No, you did not, and that is because you are unthinking and unfeeling. He seemed like a nice kid, very well-dressed also.

Looks like Ryan Khoury's back with Pawtucket. And here I thought the gaping hole at McCoy was the result of Paul Hoover's departure. Speaking of catchers, Dan Butler is back. But not John Otness.

Oh, yeah, Joey Gathright. The funny thing is that once again I will probably never get to see him play. Oh well, I'll always have Kevin Millwood. He's in a big jar in my basement.

Charlie Zink is back! Except it's Charlie Haeger and I cannot believe it. David Laurila, John Gray, charliezink16, a shocked Steve Dilbeck, Old Time Family Baseball, Jon Hanford, redsox04, and Marc Normandin have a few things to say about that.

Still no word from Devern Hansack. I've been hanging around his old address.

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