Search Term Sunday

Because I have not done this in forever, and because I'm red hot!

1. "how do you spell routine" - Like that. You just did it You just spelled it, just now.

2. "cole hauser" - Mark Shapiro looks just like him.

3. "Pawtucket Red Sox>Lars Anderson" - Mathematically sound.

4. "Anyone have pics of Kelly Shoppach nude" - Of course I do. They're on my other blog, 'Nude PawSox Heavy'.

5. "George Kottaras naked" - There is someone out there, somewhere, who wants to see this. Why? WHY?

6. "Edgar the Peacef" - They didn't finish because it was a dark and stormy night and a shadowy figure crept up behind them with a Dillinger...

7. "bruce springsteen children" - I get this one a lot. Makes no sense.

And finally, a million "player X girlfriend" inquiries. I always wondered to myself what these people were looking for. Some massive database with that information? And then I wondered, what if there were some massive database? WHAT IF I CREATED THIS INTERNET DATABASE!?!?

So I came up with a brilliant domain name, bought it, and now I have to execute my vision.

Speaking of which, I also own 'PawSox Heavy' ... Just in case.

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