The Durham Bulls are ruining this here great country.

I still love you, Carl Crawford.

I don't know what else to say. That was crazy. Can't wait to hear a slew of conspiracy theories. CRAZY.

I also wonder how I went from a ravenous, emotional Red Sox fan to someone who wanted Tampa to win. I can't even think of how it all started. I just lost interest. And I was someone who emptied out bank accounts for Fenway tickets. Would approach innocent strangers with player t-shirts on to talk Red Sox. Read all the message boards and blogs daily. Watched all the games on TV, even the ones I'd just returned home from. It just consumed my thoughts and actions. It was sick, I tell you!

In an unrelated story, why is everyone ripping on Lackey for being less than handsome? As if Beckett, Lester, and Buchholz are all so great-looking? As Chief Wiggum would say...

Tonight I will go see Moneyball and dream of playoff baseball. I love the World Series.

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