6.10.11 Pawtucket Red Sox v Charlotte Knights - Devan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic covers the Pirates, who are the master team of the Indianapolis Indians. So it has nothing to do with the Charlotte Knights and everything to do with his top-notch work overall. He is one of my favorites!

Charlotte WINS! 3-1. Neither team scored until the bottom of the sixth inning, when Nate Spears hit an RBI double to put Pawtucket up 1-0. Knights starter Freddy Dolsi was gently removed at that point, like a rotten tooth gradually being rocked out of its socket by massive steel dental pliers.

Pawtucket starting pitcher was Brandon Duckworth, who pitched five scoreless innings. His pitch count was up to 66, so yeah, great move pulling the starter at such a crucial juncture in the game.

The Knight Sox tied the game up in the top of the seventh. Pawtucket reliever/starter/guy Scott Atchison led the inning off by walking first basehottie Jim Gallagher. Slugging threat Dayan Viciedo did what he's paid to do and singled to left. And then Dallas McPherson sac bunted to move those guys over! Nice job, McPherson!

The next batter was catcher Tyler Flowers, who grounded out to score Gallagher. And then Lastings Milledge grouned out to end the inning. Milledge went to Japan, right? The International League won't be the same.

In the top of the eighth, Knights second baseman Mark Loretta... No, Andrew Garcia. Garcia hit a solo home run to push Charlotte ahead 2-1. Scott Atchison again. It happens.

Pawtucket got a couple of guys on in the bottom of the eighth, but Hector Luna flew into a double play. That sounds way more exciting than grounding into a double play. It appears that Luna flew out to left and Milledge hucked the ball to second base, doubling off Josh Reddick. Hey, what the heck was Reddick doing?

Hideki Okajima came in to pitch the ninth. Okajima got one out before Dayan Viceido doubled to right. Dallas McPherson batted him in, because McPherson is all rugged and smart and classy and always does the right thing for the team and then like, goes and reads scripture. So 3-1 Knights. Nate Spears led off the ninth with a double off reliever Justin Turner... No, Josh Kinney. Spears' only hope for getting home was the next batter, Tony Thomas, but that didn't work out. The next two batters were Luis Exposito and Jose Iglesias. Game over. Even Nate Spears started taking his gear off after Thomas grounded out.

troika all the way:
1. Josh Kinney's Mariners property these days. Some people find him interesting.
2. This game included Daniel Nava, Josh Reddick, and Lars Anderson. WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO GO? My guess is Reddick. I will miss his Pawtucket bat, a little.
3. You could also read this game summary, if you don't have a problem with 'Hidecki' and 'McPhearson'. Dejan Kovacevic never spells anyone's name wrong!
4. Knights starter Freddy Dolsi's first ever major league pitch was to Manny Ramirez. Guess what happened?
5. Nate Spears doubled twice, walked twice. Luis Exposito struck out three times.
6. Darnell McDonald! No hits for McDonald and he was caught stealing. Any chance of McDonald at McCoy in 2012? Oh please oh please.
7. Franklin Morales was also rehabbing, pitched an inning. Tyler Kepner wrote some stuff.

Yeah, Charlotte Knights. Who knows, maybe 2012 will be their year.

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