Tom Verducci is a bit of a dandy.

While I was at the 2011 Granite State Baseball Dinner, I saw some guy who looked a lot like Tom Verducci prancing around, smiling and shaking hands.

I didn't think it could possibly be him, because the guy was foppish and bescarved. And besides, why would Verducci be in New Hampshire? Not even Sean McAdam was there.

I also noticed that he was taking snaps with people and hanging out with the actress who was in The Fighter. So I assumed he was some Hollywood cat and forgot about it.

I am now 99 percent certain it was Verducci and I will tell you why. He's been on the baseball channel here and there and I have to say, he's borderline Eurofancy. Tom Verducci! Who knew he was so stylish? Aren't sportswriters supposed to be rumpled and stained? God, I hate it when people aren't one-dimensional!

In a related story, Dusty Brown's flank has been branded by the Texas Rangers. No McCoy visits for Brown this year! Talk about being a dandy: Dusty Brown's sense of style was streets ahead of the other Pawtucket jockos. He wore some crazy, crazy outfits. That man was not afraid of bold colors.

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