Who runs the PawSox Twitter?

I don't know, sorry. Oh, wait, it says 'PawSox Pete', whoever that is.

Jed Lowrie's gone! He's gone and I miss him so much! Oh, I cry myself to sleep JED!!!

False. I do not miss him.

So like Mark Melancon's Red Sox property now and PawSox was all like, Oooh! We have this little video! OMG! Look, it's Mark Melancon at the ballpark like three years ago!

YOU WILL NEVER WIN AT THAT GAME, PAWSOX! How about instead everybody reads this awesome 2010 game summary featuring Melancon?

PawSox does win at some games: Safety, accuracy, palatability, homogenousness, and being family-oriented and possibly devout. Not all of those words can be found in the dictionary.

Kyle Weiland, also gone. To my favorite team, the Astros. I can't believe you didn't know that my favorite team was the Astros! I even bought the calendar!

I think PawSox on Twitter should be run by Sox. I'll bet she'd bring a real edge to things and sprinkle in some profanity and baseless character assassinations. Oh, sure, she's not always up to date with all her facts.... And sometimes she screws things up... But damn, Sox is entertaining! DON'T LET HER CUTE LITTLE OUTFIT FOOL YOU!


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