Ryan Kalish has arms that long to hold you.

During these gray holiday doldrums, do you ever find yourself wondering what Ryan Kalish has been up to? Or do you long to re-connect with his sparkle, his charisma, his fascinating ways?

M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E! That's what I say!

1. Wait, Kalish hit a grand slam off Jered Weaver? How do I not remember this?

2. Chili Davis understood what Kalish was going through, because he was a spokesman for struggling bats and a sensitive lover.

3. "At this point honestly, I can’t really tell that anything was done to my neck," said Kalish via phone from San Francisco, where the Red Sox outfield prospect is conducting his rehab. "You have post-surgery pain and all that, but that’s totally gone. It just feels like a normal neck." Brendan McGair talked to a rehabbing Ryan Kalish and it was sadly overlooked. McGair also did a thing about suicides of the American Indian and nobody cared. Nobody showed.

4. It just feels like a normal neck!

5. Derek Stykalo says either Kalish or Nate Spears will probably play right field for Boston in 2012. What, not Josh Reddick? No, because Reddick is pink in the middle.

6. It is criminal that I have never come across the 'Seedlings to Stars' blog. At any rate, Wally Fish and Nathanial Something get down into it w/r/t Kalish playing right. Also contains this killer quote: "Spears is basically a slightly lesser version of Tug Hulett." HA!

7. Ryan Kalish is Jewish and married and has a girlfriend and Ryan Kalish is naked when he takes hot showers. Ryan Kalish sucks, too.

8. Whore presents will help get you in touch with Kalish.

So, in summation, let me say this: The best-case unfolding for Kalish would be a plain Spring Training which convinces a Red Sox to have him partial of a crew incident in right field. Considering all a time Kalish longed for final year, we consider it competence be awaiting a small as good most to have him a full-time right fielder. Look for Boston to take a prolific right-handed bat, maybe a single who would element good with possibly Kalish or Josh Reddick.

He has huge bent as good as intensity to be a long-term resolution in right field. Even if it takes him a month or dual to get going, they would not remove most prolongation when compared to final season.

Or something like that. God, I'm bored.

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Vanessa said...

This is for me and that makes me feel special. Maybe you could have some sort of "Ryan Kalish's Arms" feature...? Or not.