Gil Velazquez update.

Don't worry too much about Gil Velazquez. Turned out he had a great year in 2011.

"{GV} led all Angels full-season farmhands in batting and paced Triple-A shortstops in hitting and runs scored en route to being named a Pacific Coast League All-Star and a postseason Topps Triple-A All-Star." (source)

Looks like Velazquez is down in Mexico getting all tanned and toned. Sometimes when I think about the great Latin/Caucasian divide in baseball, I think of Velazquez in the Pawtucket dugout, sitting in the middle. In Pawtucket, if you speak Spanish then you sit closer to the outfield. All the rednecks sit closer to the clubhouse entrance, infieldish. It is a significant bummer that there's very little blending. I work with people from islands of significant baseball leanings and we are like one big happy family. It is not that fucking hard.

I wanted to write about that for Baseball Prospectus, but it was mountainous and way too much for me to handle. Craig Breslow's little doctor friend wrote about it in his stupid book. Although I suppose his point of views about "The Dominicans" was realistic, it was dismissive and insulting.

Maybe I will write a book about the Great Clubhouse Schism and get both sides of the story. Who knows, maybe Dominicans think gringos are lame and smell bad.

I'll exit with this quote: "Gil Velazquez was once the part-time savior from the harsh reality that Julio Lugo sucks." (from 'Lookout Landing', written by Aaron Campeau.)

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