Tonight I am breaking all of the rules.

Tomorrow at, say, noon, the Pawtucket Sox will be hosting a somber luncheon to reflect upon Our Father's bounty. Presiding over the event will be former Red Sox batter Niuman Romero.

Don't I wish! Before I get truck-smashed by Travis Denker, I'll tell you the true story. Clinically, with no cheer. It's the Christmas Party at McCoy Stadium and it starts at eleven and lasts until two. There's some free food, too, which is always a big hit. Maybe the biggest.

Brandon Duckworth will be there. Nate Spears will be there. Santa Paws will be there.

This guy will be there. Does anyone watch that? That has been on forever. It's certainly no 'Steve and Joe Show.'

Mike Tamburro will be there! And some guys with walkie-talkies!

I can't make it. What's more, I'm wondering if any time I go anywhere, I should refer to it as 'making an appearance.'

As in, Jen from Baseball Heavy will be making an appearance at the laundromat from 4:30-7:00 pm!

You guys have fun tomorrow. Tell Nate Spears I said... Dylan Axelrod.

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