They were probably defending their state's reputation.

Tonight! I will be making an appearance in Connecticut as I play bingo for the first time.

No, I mean, I have played bingo before. But this is, like, $$$$BINGO$$$$ SPANISH WEEKS IN MY DISCO CASINO BINGO!!!

Used to be I only went to CT for Defenders games and lord how I took it for granted. How was I to know they'd go on to win a World Series with people like Cody Ross and Edgar Renteria?

Guys I probably watched include Sergio Romo, Madison Bumgarner, Pablo Sandoval... I know I saw Knoedler and Ishakawa...

I wonder whatever happened to the weird cheerleaders. That was, like, their whole life. They even made little dolls with matching outfits. Good for them, though. They probably had more fun than anybody, including me.


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