4.22.06: Paw v. Buffalo Bisons (CLE) - The Two Mrs. Chois

First and foremost, I gotta say the PawSox are a bitchin' organization. All the fans that hung around in spite of the dismal weather got a FREE ticket to Tuesday's game. Classy. And damn, yo, it was cold. I was shivering so hard that I couldn't hold my binoculars straight. It also didn't help that the game lasted 3 1/2 hours. Nine innings. When the Bisons' manager had what seemed like his 50th beef with the ump, one fan shouted, "Come on! It's COLD!"

Pawtucket WINS! 6-2

"Here are tonight's starting line-ups" :

Stern CF Gutierrez CF
Minges LF Inglett DH
Pedroia SS Garko 1B
Choi DH Insufferable Prick Cooper LF
Bailey 1B Merloni 3B
"Allen" RF Gautreau 2B
Nye 3B Francisco RF
Durrington C Flores SS
Machado 2B Diaz C

RHP Deschenes LHP Sowers

Macho Marc Deschenes was totally tuff on the hill, kicking off with a 12-up, 12-down first four. Hail, yeah. He gave up a pair of singles in the 5th to Stupid Fat Cooper and Lou Merloni (hoo, boy, the fans creamed themselves over that one). Sixth inning was uno, dos, tres with one K (his third and final). Tim Bausher gave up 2 singles and hit a batter in the 7th and 8th. Got my first look at clubhouse smarty-pants Craig Breslow in the 8th / 9th and he is a physical oddity I can only describe as knobby. The Bausher-inherited runners Diaz and Gutierrez scored in the 8th.

And now for something completely different: Buffalo pitching. A slender, trembling reed named Jeremy Sowers threw the ball with his left hand for 4 2/3 innings, giving up 4 runs. Awww. His relief was a six-and-a-half-foot limbsy hothead named Brown who wasn't a whole lot better. Finishing off the game was righty Hyang-Nam Choi, who really needs to work on his mean face.

Pawtucket O-Fence - Adam Stern stole approximately 40 bases and was 2 for 3. Naw, for reals, he had 4 stolen bases in 5 attempts. Crazy! First baseman Jeff Bailey was the mule of the game with 4 freaking K's. Dustin Pedroia had 2 walks and a double and is quite the little infielder, but let's face it. He's short. The world does not need another Eckstein.

The Bisons? I guess Joe Inglett was helpful with his 2 singles.

The Movie Star and the Rest:
1. I got to see Hee-Seop Choi! You look at him and you think, this guy does not belong in the minors.
2. Luke Allen Report: Luke Allen is burly and was a flailing mess at the plate last night. I'm assuming he doesn't do well against lefties, even if they haven't yet gone through puberty.
3. If you're wondering why the hell Trent Durrington was catching last night, join the club. It could quite possibly have been some kind of talent showcase. It's times like these I find myself frustrated by my limited baseball knowledge. It's also times like these when I want to just call McCoy stadium and ask for Ron Johnson and ask him myself. I mean, why not? Would they patch me through? Why can't I call and ask him? Maybe I'll write him a letter.
4. It was awfully cold last night. The vendors were selling hot chocolate instead of soda.
5. When pitchers are out there in 35 degree weather with little short sleeves on, is it to prove how tough and inured to the elements they are? Because no one's going to think any less of you if you put on a light wrap.
6. Abe Alvarez was charting the pitches last night and I almost felt bad for him. He looked really, really bored and cold.
7. Andy Marte didn't play last night, damn it.
8. I never liked Lou Merloni, but I reckon he's got a bright future in used car sales in Natick or Norwood or something.

I'll be at the park Tuesday and Wednesday night. See you there!

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