For the wreck, these pictures are so, so pretty.

Do you remember those cheesy little Red Sox player pins they sold at Cumberland Farms in 2004? Well, I bought almost all of them and collected them in the special pin-collecting folder helpfully provided by the Boston Globe. And at this point I have only a handful left. Today I wore Ramiro Mendoza. Before that I brazenly wore Keith Foulke because I Will Always Love Him. By the time June hits, it'll most likely be Scott Williamson or Mark Malaska.

In 2005 they had player pendants instead, which even I had to admit were heinous and tacky. Word on the street is some of the less popular players can be purchased cheaply at Job Lot these days. For the gal who has everything: a John Halama necklace. Sweet.

Boston won today, which was nice, but I secretly think it would be neat if Toronto won the division.

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Phlip said...

OMG that last sentence took some cojones. :)