Pawtucket v. Roch 4.13.06: Durrington's Starting to Happen.

Last night while I was watching some educational programming my brother called me from Pawtucket. And I'm all, You're still at the game? And he's all, It's the Top of the 16th.

Pawtucket lost 4-3, yes, but that's okay. Outfielder Trent Durrington pitched 3 innings last night. Phil told me that he didn't clock higher than 74-ish. Before that, third baseman Rodney Nye stymied Rochester with his rusty little knuckleball for two innings. Why doesn't shit like this ever happen when I'm there?

Deschenes started for Pawtucket, Dennys Reyes for the Red Wings.

And Brooke is a total crybaby.

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