come back little raven and bite my face

At last, a Boston game that held my interest. I had to listen to it on a brokedick radio at work. I knew if the Red Sox lost, I'd be pissed. The old sick and disgusted feeling from seasons past started creeping in during the 9th and I missed the audio of Lowrider's walkoff. My boss kind of asided it to me about 6 minutes after it happened. Like, oh! By the way!

It's good to see a player becoved Nomar-style on a red jersey day. Very good game. Pawtucket's back on Saturday!

By the way, Dustan Mohr may be unable to connect with a baseball on a meaningful level, but don't let his poncy bat fool you. He's big and mean and red-eyed and will decapitate you for whiskey money.

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