Pawtucket Red Sox v. Indianapolis Indians 4.6.06

Winner: Pawtucket, in dramatic fashion, busting a 9th inning tie with a ground ball / shabby relay to home plate score. Yeah. 3-2. Thanks, Machado.

A lot of new kids playing ball this year, which means I'd better study up. My close friend and favorite Pawtucket pitcher Abe Alvarez started the game, which was great. Indy countered with a lefty of their own, Tom Gorzelanny. And he was pretty solid after a shaky first.

I didn't score the game, because I... well, I didn't have a writing instrument. I was too busy wrangling all the hats and scarves and mittens and blankets and boots to make sure I had one. So I don't have much to add other than that "Amazing Grace" played on bagpipes makes me well up.

Couple of things: Every time I see those old Pawtucket rats in their grubby caps and afghans I think... that is going to be me someday. I'll be the little old raisin lady with the pom-pom hat and the torn seat cushion. And I'll smell bad to boot.

I sat near Manny Delcarmen's parents and let me tell you. His mom is adorable. She was wearing his varsity jacket. They were so excited when he pitched, and they had every right to be. Delcarmen was great. DelCarmen. Whatev.

My seats were really, really good, but I don't think I like sitting behind a net. It makes me a little cross-eyed.

Here's to the season's progression and warmer days and Jermaine Van Buren and never paying for parking.

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