Pawtucket v. Rochester Red Wings 4.10.06: Hey, Nineteen - Henry Bonilla!

5-0 Rochester

This may have been the most sparsely attended PawSox game I've ever attended, not that you'd know it from looking at my section. See, when a lefty pitches, I sit on the first base side to get a better look at the hands and face of the pitcher. But the thing I forgot about? Large parties of children sit on that side. That's prime Group Outing area. I thought I had a nice, quiet seat until the bottom of the first, when an entire middle school filled out all the seats around me. And, Lord, they are UGLY at that age. Bastard Kids!

Lester started but didn't last long. He wasn't throwing strikes. 2 1/3 innings, 3 walks, three hits. I do believe he can only get better. And the offense... two hits, both singles.

Got my first look at reliever Mike Holtz, a man about whom I know nothing. He did well for himself.

Obviously, Rochester's pitching was better. Josh Rabe had a great night, going 3 for 3! He also participated in the seldom-seen double steal with teammate Jason Bartlett in the 2nd inning. They made it look so easy, too.

The miscellany:

-Bullpen watch - Tim Bauscher was trying to light a bat on fire. He did get it to smolder. I guess that's what passes for entertainment during those long, cold games.

- When Delcarmen was taking the mound and getting a few warmup pitches in, they played a My Bloody Valentine song. I don't know the title. It was so incongruous that I may have to call the park tomorrow and ask to speak to a manager.

- Huckaby just gets right in there and drops his batch in the dirt. I've never seen another catcher get down like that.

- I noticed at the opening game that the players on both teams were giving the umps a load of static. The same thing happened tonight to a stronger degree. If I'm not mistaken, the International League umps are on strike and the guys I've been seeing are replacements. So are they just really shitty at calling games or do they just not get any respect because they're not exactly pros?

They're not very good at calling games. I don't know much, but I know that. If they keep it up, they're gonna get jumped in the parking lot. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying they need to be a little more careful.

- Jim Thome could possibly be dumber than Shea Hillenbrand. No joke, folks.

- Opening Day at Fenway tomorrow!

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