Pawtucket v. Rochester 4.11.06: The Real Minnesota Twins

The Rochester Red Wings have a new pitching coach! His name is Stu Cliburn, and he is manager Stan "Van" Cliburn's twin brother! Adorable!

This game was going on while I was a state away pigging out on a Cuban sandwich and drinking 38 Schilling Scottish Ale so here's what I know. Pawtucket won on a 2-run Jeff Bailey HR and that's the sum of the offense. 2-0.

My favorite Pawtucket lefty Abe Alvarez had a no-hitter going until the top of the sixth... Alex Romero led off with a double. Breslow pitched the last two innings and obviously did not allow a run.

Boof Bonser started for the Red Wings. He's big, durable, and may languish in the minors for all eternity unless he starts busting out.

As far as Alvarez, we all remember his crappy spot start in '04. His pitching in Pawtucket is good to excellent, but can he start in Boston? It must be hard to be in that position... sometimes you must feel like you're going to die in AAA.

Once again I'm thinking about going to Rochester at some point this summer for a Pawtucket game. I seem to remember it being... 6.5 hours away? I've always been a Twins fan and I'd totally be up for this. August 7-9 they'll be there. Hmmm.

I forgot to mention that yesterday's Red Sox home opener was sponsored by Verizon. Sometimes I hate MLB.

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