4.26.06: PAW v. DUR - The Angelic Upstarts

Durham WINS 6-2

This was the Delmon Young game in which he repeatedly beat the umpire over the head with a shillelagh.

Jon Lester has been bitter and snitty about his pitch limit. Unfortunately, he's throwing a lot of pitches in early innings and so generally departs in the 2nd and 3rd. He was visibly pissed when he was lifted after 3 1/3. Don't blame RJ, it's an organizational thing. He only gave up one run, a solo shot by major appliance Elijah Dukes. Cla Meredith picked up the reins for a few. Mike Holtz followed, and then Charlie Zink threw the ball all over the place. Zink has a new handsome boy haircut and I didn't recognize him right away.

Jason Hammel started for Durham. Unfortunately, I remember precious little about his appearance. Snarling ball of fury Miadich closed it out. Seriously.

Regarding D. Young: Um, what? It was the first inning. How could he be that pissed off over being called out looking? Pawtucket catcher Corky Miller claims there were no words exchanged. It was startling.

Bulls catcher Shawn Riggans had some shitty luck in this game. The adorable blonde receiver got pegged HARD two times. The second time I can report that his teammates in the dugout laughed really, really hard at his agony. This was one of those hard shots when the umpire busily dusts the plate off while the catcher walks around saying "FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT" until the pain subsides to a manageable level. Get well soon, kid.

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