It won't be the same without you. Please come.

The time has come to say 'fair's fair'.

It seems very early to me. I'm not... fully awake but here's the pitch. We're having a baseball team kick-off barbecue THIS AFTERNOON at 2 and my phone rang this morning and let's just say I have to go out and buy, like, EVERYTHING. That includes a hibachi.

I called the manager of the team ( I like to call him Skipper ) and made it very clear that he needed to have a heart and go out and buy at least ONE THING!

Am I being a martyr about this? I hope so. This'll get me some serious Altruism Points.

I know what's gonna happen. Five hungover people are going to show up and we're going to have all this leftover crap and I'm not sure that I've ever used a hibachi before. But, hey, let's play some ball!

How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

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Jere said...

You had me at fair's fair: To pay the rent, to pay our share. (Nyaa!)

You didn't even need that closing line.