Elijah Dukes scouting report from Cal Leaguers.com

Physical speciman with five tool potential. Built like Carl Crawford. Huge broad shoulders and upper body down to a tapered waist and strong chiseled legs and thighs. Incredibly strong in the forearms and wrists. Off chart athleticism. Raw offensive tools. Generates plus BS and lift.

Ball explodes off bat. Contact inconsis. now. Doesn't pound mistakes like he should. Very good raw power plays mediocre currently due to unrefined approach and some swing issues. Doesn't have much of a plan with anything soft or on the outer half. Pulls off and lunges too often, it's a testament to his strength that he is still able to force the ball thru the IF with his hands only and is strong enuf to check some pretty developed swings.

"Struggles with the little things @ this point, moving runners over and putting the ball in play in critical situations. Very good runner, runs up on toes. Plays very hard. Defensive tools raw as well but have a chance to be solid avg to + across board.

Routes are rough at this point, speed to outrun mistakes. Plus arm strength needs
to be harnessed. Will always have a rawness to his game which will make his skills play a bit below his tools and there are apparently some serious makeup issues ( I have seen nothing, plays as hard as anyone in the league), but the overall package is solid..."


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