for us, these are the days

Do you remember '03, the postseason, when Lilly was on the A's and Todd Walker, Adrian Brown, and coupla other Sox Staffers spelled out "LIL-LY" on the backs of their jackets when he was pitching? And everybody was so disgusted and talked about how bush that was?

Ted Lilly in very Neil Young-like fashion said he thought it was funny. And so did I.

Every time he knots up Boston hitting I think, Lilly is ice cold. He looks so benevolent but he is poison.

Who is this weird kid with the 'burns pitching for Toronto? Tallet?

Pawtucket won 5-0 today. Matt Ginter pitched 5 strong and Enrique Wilson hit a two-run homer. And that's the end of that homestand. God, they go by so fast.

By the way, what happened to Kason Gabbard? Is he still in Portland? And when can I expect to see Choi?

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Kim said...

Tallet had some crazy, almost mutton chop action happening. What do you suppose that's all about? I sort of figure that he needs a kind of pitcher schtick and when you aren't born with weird features ala Rod Beck, you have to invent them. It's a theory.