Ever look at a flower and hate it?

I love Bill Haselman. I was really happy when Lynn Jones stabbed himself in the eye and Hass got to coach first base. I loved him in Pawtucket, too. And when I saw him today doling out tender and encouraging ass-pats to baserunners, I got to thinking. Shave his head. Yeah... shave it. And iron up a dupe Josh Bard jersey. Think about it. Who'll know the difference when he's all geared up? See? Instant experienced knuckleball catcher! Then just stick Ino or Jim Rowe or somebody out on first and say Haselman has a pulled trilateral rotator quad sprain that needs intense icing.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jermaine Van Buren in Boston. Dinardo can't pitch more than five innings, so I'm hoping Van Buren'll come out and play on Monday!

All my Easter plans were shot to hell today just because I forgot my locker combination. But good baseball! There was a NL game on the Atlanta Braves channel that was pretty good... saw the original two-faced reliever Alan Embree doing the Georgia devil / blue-eyed pixie thing for San Diego. And, uh, whoa, Mike Remlinger? Oh, Atlanta, you make it hard for me to hate you.

Since my brother's moving to the Bay Area, I'm thinking about flying out with one of my plane tickets and catching some A's games. They're visited by Boston in late June but I dunno. I think it might be more fun to see them play the Angels or something.

And as far as going to Rochester... Scranton-WB is so much closer. Mid-August tentatively.

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Jere said...

Flipper!!!! You are cool. I saw them live last year at CBGBs. Go to my blog and spend all day looking for it.