I don't hate the Yankees anymore.

Well, not really. I will never stop hating Alex Rodriguez. And Jason Giambi... bleeeaaghgh. But how can you not love the Sexy Space Alien? Or have mad respect for Torre?

I wasn't even really that upset when Damon crossed over. Of course, it sucks to lose such a great leadoff hitter, but there you go. I don't blame him for doing it.

My brother is a Yankees fan, but he's been that way since he was very small. He says it's because when he was a ked, the New York announcers seemed so exciting that he couldn't help but root for the Yankees. He's mostly good and rational about it, but I do have to hear about how disgusted he is with Red Sox fans. And you know what? There're a lot of disgusting, stupid, ugly Red Sox fans out there. It's easy to hate on Yankees fans, but come on. Try and objectively look around you and think about it. Walk past the Cask and Flagon on game day. Or take a ride on the Red Line to Quincy Adams after a game. And what about all those URI meatheads during the postseason? Or "Yankees Suck, Jeter Swallows"?

Next month I'm going to Yankee stadium for the first time with my brother and I'll be rooting for the A's, but only because I'm an A's fan. It's gonna be fun.

So, should I just drive there or what? Park and ride? It's a day game... I'd appreciate any tips / suggestions.

By the way, the Dropkick Murphys SUCK. They used to play at Lupo's and stuff all the time and all the Boston skins would come down and act like assholes. I guess they've progressed musically but... they suck. Fire up one of their old CD's and you'll see what I mean.

I also hate Wally the Green Monster. Just stop with that.



Jere said...

Have you lost your mind or what? I'm really glad you're going to yankee Stadium soon so you can remember just what kind of people made some Red Sox fans turn ugly in the first place. (By the way, the people who sell those shirts clearly aren't fans. The people that buy them, that's a different story...)

Take the Deegan/87, and you'll see a sign that says "yankee Stadium Exits 5 and 6" or something. You'll be all, Oh I'll just take the second one cuz it's closer to the Stadium, but I suggest taking the first possible exit, and they'll cattle you into a lot, where you'll get out of the car to be greeted by every meatheaded, racist, sexist, fat, drunk asshole in the world telling you that "Bawstin" won't win again for 100 years, and you'll totally fix up this here post.

Jenks said...

They're never gonna know I'm a Boston fan. I'm not going to see the Red Sox.

I'm not saying Yankee fans aren't assholes. I'm saying Boston fans aren't all sweet little pennant wavers.