Abe Alvarez is leery.

Be prepared for his exit from the organization.

Also pictured: Lincoln Holdzkom, who must sweat it out in long sleeves at all times because of his tattoos. What I did not know is that he also has nipple rings. He also claims to be a phenomenal juggler, "Like a circus clown". He was kicked off his junior college baseball team in AZ.

from allcubs.com: "Holdzkom throws a fastball and a curve. He has tried to learn a changeup, but has not mastered it yet. Before having Tommy John surgery in 2004, Holdzkom got his fastball up to 97 mph, but it currently sits around 93-95 mph. His curveball used to be a hard-breaker, but recently it has been more of a slurve. By all reports, he appears to be completely recovered from the TJ surgery, but now it is a matter of regaining the mastery of his pitches."

Holdzkom did pretty well during his short stay in Pawtucket. I predict a little AFL action. I did not necessarily want to talk about LH, but there you go. Look what you made me do.

Also, there's a scene in WHMS where Meg Ryan is talking about the alleged great sex she had with a guy named Sheldon. And Billy Crystal is all, nuh-uh, not with the name Sheldon and then he proceeds to elaborate. I feel this way about the name "Lincoln":

Do it to me... LINCOLN.
You're an animal... LINCOLN.
Ride me, big... LINCOLN.

Okay, okay, okay, I'm done.

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