Former Pawtucket great Lenny Dinardo returned to Fenway Park recently. No one seemed to notice and I don't remember any interviews or flashbacks or anything, probably because he wasn't that great. He does have a World Series ring, so try and think about that next time.

I must try and post more. You should see how sick I've been lately.

I'll be at Fenway tomorrow for my last baseball game of the year.


Jere said...

I noticed Lenny. Took close-up shots of his face and everything.

Jere said...

Also, I'll be at the game tomorrow, too. In my NuYoozh, aka my new usual spot for batting practice, 25 rows up in the bleachers in right field, way above the boobs who stand at the front, getting all the batting practice HR balls hit by Papi that go over their heads. I'll be the one wearing the anti-radiation suit, eating capsule food.