can't you see you're hurting me? don't you care?

Don't you care?

I know everyone's all mad about the Boston Red Sox getting swept by Toronto and the 1.5 games thing. Well, shut up. You know who's to blame? It's not Drew or Gagne. It's management. They fucked up. They knew the offense needed work but they didn't do anything about it. They FAILED! And who cares? I'm sure you'll see the Red Sox in the post-season. I hate all the bullshit whining. Please get over yourself.

A few days ago I was at the brewery and I saw Pedro Martinez on the TV. I had to dash over and smash my ear against the speaker so I could hear him. There's no one I love more, really. Unfortunately, his "Pedro" recognition has been diminished by a Napoleon Dynamite character. Believe me, if ever I mention Pedro Delivering Us From Evil, I'm talking about Martinez.

God, I miss the Pedro Days.

In other news, Doug Mirabelli recently left Fenway Park abruptly to attend to some kind of "family emergency". The true story is he was pissed about something or other and left in a rage. I think it had something to do with Kevin Cash.

That's all I have about the big club. Except that Brandon Moss dressed as Dorothy was creepily, impossibly sexy.

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